Unprocessed fears and worries stay alive in the nervous system; we need to see, hear, and embrace them in order to loosen their hold upon us.

As birth workers, we often encounter clients who are overwhelmed by fears and anxieties: sometimes general, about the birth experience as a whole, and sometimes very specific, such as fear about cesarean birth or experiencing pain. Whether an expecting parent buries such fears or focuses on them obsessively, it can prevent them from preparing mindfully and holistically for the intensity and the unknowns that the birth experience brings. Our first instinct is often to try to convince a parent to be less fearful, to somehow argue them out of their anxiety. But we all know that doesn’t really work. This course will lead you to methods and approaches that do.

  • Build a framework to guide parents to courageously take a closer look at their fears.

  • Learn ways to develop a solution-focused, compassionate, and trauma informed mindset to explore the unwished-for in birth.

  • Explore ways to take action without attachment to outcome.

  • Gain confidence in working with parents to inquire within.

This course consists of two, 2- hour virtual sessions led by an experienced Birthing from Within trainer.

Course recording will be made available to participants.

When we gift parents with this process of self-knowledge before their journeys begin, there is no telling how it could affect their mind-body state. Perhaps they may relax and open even before labor begins — and then continue to open and be resourceful in labor! And when we as professionals gift ourselves with this self-awareness, no doubt we will begin to see, hear, and respond differently when working with parents during the childbearing year.