Are you ready to fill your cup?

Birth professionals thrive when they engage regularly in self-inquiry, mindfulness, and creative exploration. Storytelling, Ritual, & Intentional Creativity will support you in...

  • abiding in the territory of uncertainty and discomfort

  • interacting with stories on many levels

  • becoming fluent in the use of symbols and metaphors

  • listening to inner dialogue

  • processing your own experiences in constructive ways

Storytelling, Ritual, & Intentional Creativity

a six-week online course for birth professionals

For birth professionals who want to deepen their exploration of the heroic journey in their own lives, and get inspired to add their own creative ideas to their work with parents.

This class combines the story of Inanna’s Descent, select Birthing From Within processes (some familiar and some new), and the creation of an Intentional Creativity® 13-step painting, over the course of six weeks.

Making art is a way to gain insight into your story. Bringing that insight into the body and into action is necessary to bring change. In this class you will participate in an ongoing creative ritual, culminating in a painting that holds all of the information that you accessed.

Intentional Creativity® is simply creating with intention. Often that intention is an inquiry, a prayer, or a declaration. When attention is brought to that intention while the paint marks the canvas, you have moved from thought to action. The intention is brought to life. The canvas is a container that can hold all of it for you, while you dig deeper within yourself. Like a cauldron, it not only holds it, but transforms it. Your canvas can take the heat.

“Everything within us, past, present, and future lives in story. When we create around our story, we gain clarity. When we create with intention, we activate both sides of the brain. When we activate our brain, we gain greater access to our own information, how to articulate it and how to move it from the stuck places.” - Shiloh Sophia, founder, Intentional Creativity

Painting by Anna Corsini

Engaging deeply in this creative ritual will allow birth workers to...

  • bring more creativity into their classes and sessions

  • have more fluency and flexibility in telling the story of Inanna's Descent

  • have a rich and multi-layered map of their own heroic journey

  • better understand the inner voices of the critic and the muse and how to work with them

  • create simple but powerful rituals

Meet your Facilitator, Christy Cozby

Certified Birthing From Within Facilitator

This workshop is led by Christy Cozby, a birth doula, perinatal mentor, and Intentional Creativity teacher. Christy has been engaging parents in birth art and storytelling since 2010. Wanting to dive deeper into art as personal medicine, she graduated from Color of Woman, a year-long teacher training program, in 2020.

Supplies needed

1 Stretched canvas (I suggest 24”x30” or bigger.) You can put this canvas on an easel, attach it to the wall while you work, or find another way to prop it up.

Acrylic paints in a variety of colors (I use Golden Fluid Acrylics, in 4 oz bottles. You can use any kind you like, but you’ll want 2 or more ounces per color.)

Brushes (suggested: 1 large sash brush, 1 round, 1 filbert, 1 liner, 1 cheap flat brush like from a hardware store. Really, any brushes will do, as long as you have at least one really big one and some smaller ones.)

A journal dedicated to this course. A spiral-bound art journal, or a cheap composition book are good options. You might be using this journal for writing, sketching, painting or collaging.

Watercolor paper. (I suggest one piece of really large, good quality paper - costs about $5)

Black sharpie or vine charcoal.

Spray bottle for water.

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