Storytelling Year: Quarter 3, July - September, 2019

Sunday afternoons, July 7th, August 4th, and September 1st; 1:00-3:30PM PST

We story-lovers and storytellers will begin our year-long pilgrimage through ancient ruins, castles, villages, and skyscrapers in every corner of the world where myths, folktales, and heroes were born and are still alive. When spirit moves us, we'll take up pen and brush to adorn our unique story-mandalas with motifs, patterns, and characters.

First, you will learn where to find the Medicine hidden within a story. Knowing this will allow you to distill the story into a potent tincture that will quicken hope, healing, and insights. A well-told story creates context and cohesion for the fragmented and disparate parts of our being, widens our perspective to see new possibilities, and puts us in touch with the strength and courage that is needed to move forward in times of hesitation or despair.

Course Outline

Each month you will receive: 1. A pre-recorded "fireside chat" video from Pam England, 2. An inspirational study-guide, 3. Recommended reading list, 4. Suggestions for practice. Each month will also have a live call on a Sunday afternoon.

  • July 7th: Gathering Bits and Pieces for your Boat of Quotes: Homeopathic Doses of Storytelling Medicine

  • August 4th: Inspired Biographical Heroic Journeys

  • September 1st: Legends

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