The labyrinth can be understood as a universal map for any rite of passage or initiatory ordeal, regardless of its specific events and outcomes.

  • Learn

    How to use the symbol of the labyrinth as a map for the internal experience of birth/the childbearing year to help better prepare the parents you support.

  • Begin

    To use this process right away with clients to bring new learning and insight to your sessions.

  • Receive

    Support and mentoring from a heart-centered perspective.

Often in childbirth preparation, the focus is primarily on the external (physiological and medical) events of birth, with not much emphasis on the internal journey. 

Skillfully guiding parents through creating and tracing a labyrinth gives them an opportunity to feel the uncertainty and disorientation of the internal experience of birth, as well as the determination required to move through that experience. 

By physically tracing the labyrinth, parents create a deep-seated memory of how to keep going when encountering the unknown.  

This course is for anyone who works with people preparing for birth or postpartum. 

Course recording will be made available to participants.