Process Art is a microcosm of how you are living your life; it reveals your tendencies and habits. It is a chance to embody and practice a new way of being. Surprise yourself by the depth of your wisdom as you connect to your intuition for guidance.

  • Learn to use drawing as a method of listening to your intuition.

  • Develop a life-long tool for answering questions quickly with certainty and self-trust.

  • Sharpen your Intuitive Certainty as you navigate decision-making.

  • Learn the five steps of Process Art and how to go inward for answers.

  • Gain self-trust and self-love as you bear witness to your own intuitive certainty.

  • Be amazed at your own deep well of wisdom and insight.

About the Course Instructor

Welcome to the life-changing process that will help you break through overthinking and self-doubt to live a life of intuitive certainty and peace!

Holly Rogalski is an Artist and Intuition Coach in the Chicago area. Her greatest teachers of intuition have been the 1000+ couples she has supported through childbirth education and labor doula services since 2006. She has a Bachelor of Music and Art Ministry, is a fully certified Birthing From Within mentor and is certified as a Process Art Facilitator through Open Studio Project. She has three teenage children, five cats and a Science Professor for a husband who doesn't get any of this art stuff.

Questions? Contact Holly at