Become a Business Pro

Most folks go into a birth-related field because they want to work with childbearing families. Not because they want to run their own business! But to have a successful birth-related business, you're going to need some business knowledge and skills. Get them here, in this heart-centered and hands-on workshop.

Learn all the steps to setting up your birth business and keeping it running smoothly (and legally), including forms, fees, bookkeeping, licenses, taxes, time management - and fun stuff too!

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to Business Basics for Birth Professionals

    • Zoom link for class

    • Course recording

  • 2

    Business structures and licenses

    • Business Models & Legal Structures

  • 3

    Money In - Money Out

    • Setting Fees

    • Economics of a Doula's Fees

    • Business Finance Sheet

  • 4

    How to Get Your First (and more!) Clients

    • Get More Clients Checklist

  • 5

    Basic Forms

    • Client Intake Form

    • Doula Contract

    • Back-up Doula Agreement

    • Sample Invoice/Receipt

  • 6

    Growth & Sustainability

    • Business Plan Template

    • Business Time Management

  • 7

    "Plays Well With Others"

    • Business Abundance & Networking

  • 8


    • Business Resources

About Your Instructor

Certified Facilitator

Carrie Kenner

This workshop is led by Carrie Kenner, retired birth doula and childbirth educator, marketing consultant, and business coach. Carrie has trained thousands of doulas and provided business coaching to hundreds of birth professionals in her career. She owns Storyline Marketing and is a Certified StoryBrand Guide where she helps business doing good work develop clear messages and marketing plans to grow their business.

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