Birth Story Medicine

Supporting Personal Transformation in Birth Story Tellers

When an unexpected event occurs any time during the childbearing year that "cracks" the birthing person or a birth attendant open, a trained and compassionate Birth Story Listener can help to gently excavate and gather the shattered, scattered, precious bits. In this Birth Story Listening course, you will learn how to listen to people's stories deeply with your whole body and mind, as well as learn what to listen for and what to ignore. Your compassion will expand as you begin to see how everything and everyone is a mirror of the mind. With this new seeing, the words you speak will become a healing balm for the storyteller. You will also learn how to build a medicine bridge that will take the storyteller towards a future where self-acceptance, forgiveness, and personal freedom is possible. Your presence and guidance will create a container for the storyteller to begin envisioning and embodying lasting transformation.

Refund & Cancellation Policy

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