The Impact of Language

Language is the tool we use to communicate ideas, beliefs, and stories to others. Without meaning to, what we say to our clients can set expectations to live up to, lay seeds of doubt and disappointment, or make promises of outcomes we can’t actually control.

We may feel confused or even attacked when a client comes to us with conflicting feelings about their birth, not understanding how our language may have shaped their experience. In this class we’ll explore the power of language framing, how to recognize when framing happens, and develop skills to reframe common birth messages.

Bringing Awareness to Our Words

The messages birthing families receive throughout pregnancy, labor and birth shape their perception of themselves and their birth experience. Even with positive intention, the words we say can have a complex impact on birth. By understanding the concept of language and framing and how to shift our language to be more inclusive, adaptive and less outcome focused we can...

  • See how our bodies are influenced by thoughts

  • Be aware of the challenges of black/white or ‘magical’ thinking

  • Create space for a spectrum of birth outcomes

  • Ease birth trauma and self-doubt in parents and ourselves

Meet Your Facilitator

Charlene Hamilton, Certified BFW Facilitator and Mentor

Charlene Hamilton is a mentor artist and writer, as well as being an avid reader and married to someone who creates languages for fun. This means that digging deeper into language is part of her daily life!

Supplies needed

- Journal or notebook

- 2 or 3 sheets of art paper (9"x12" at least)

- Markers

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