About Birthing From Within

For more than 20 years, Birthing From Within has been training birth professionals to prepare parents for birth in a way that awakens their inner knowing, is unattached to specific outcomes, and helps to prevent birth trauma.

Our Vision

As the world remembers that birth is a heroic journey, the ancient maps for modern birth are thus unearthed.

Birthing From Within differs from other certifying organizations in that our work is centered on helping professionals and parents turn inward to better understand their own motivations and fears, and to simultaneously discover their own inner resources and guiding forces.

Birthing From Within trained childbirth educators and doulas bring a depth of inquiry to parents in a variety of ways, including art, mindfulness, visualizations, storytelling, ritual, and ceremony. In all situations, our members are mentors, guiding parents through the unknown so that they can fully experience the transformation that birthing a baby brings. Birthing From Within mentors also bring current research into their work, building the bridges between ancient and modern knowing, myth and science, grit and grace.